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STRLabel x Tone Sphere

"From the spherical rhythm action game Tone Sphere, this conceptual album is the collection of original songs written and performed by STRLabel artists and Sta Kousin. Featuring 27 tracks - Disc 1 contains full length original songs from the game, Disc 2 also contains alternative edits and mixes. For game music fans and music heads want to hear many different styles!"

“来自宇宙节奏动作游戏 Tone Sphere 的实体专辑,由 STRLabel 作曲家和 Sta Kousin 一同创作的原创歌曲。 收录 27 首原声曲目 - 光盘 1 包含游戏内全长原声歌曲,光盘 2 还包含额外版本和混音。 对于游戏音乐迷能欣赏到很多不同的风格!”


STRLabel x Tone Sphere AlbumArt: Original ver.
STRLabel x Tone Sphere
发行公司 STRLabel
唱片编号 STRL-0024
发行日期 2014-12-30
专辑价格 JPY 1500 (数字专辑)
曲目数量 27(2 discs / 6p Jacket)
封面设计 nini[STRLabel] / Sta
母带处理 Kenta Sato [Meine Meinung]
制作 siratama [STRLabel, sweez] / Sta

版权条目引用:STRLabel x Tone Sphere (© 2014 STRLabel All rights reserved.)

STRLabel x Tone Sphere AlbumArt: Sta ver.


Tr. 曲目名称 作曲 曲目类型
Disc1 Original Side
1 Noiseproof Sta 游戏原声曲目
2 ray (roop remix) roop loves THB
3 already seen Meine Meinung
4 Love sick (Sta's Xyzzy mix) the liquid movement
5 2012 ft.tigerlily (NDK EDIT) DOT96
6 Venetian Staccato Light on the Glass
7 Imaginary Friends Sta
8 Le Petit Prince cubesato + sweez + hsgn
9 Video Game THB
11 Du Bist Call
12 Canopy on the Planet Sta
13 Souten (Sta's Key-Kai mix) Meine Meinung
14 Tales of spoof -The treasure of the Avalon Island- Meine Meinung
15 Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) the liquid movement
16 LalarUtutA Meine Meinung
17 Ninth (Light on the Glass mix) Sta
18 UFD cybermiso
19 Linear Accelerator The Shaft
Disc2 Another Side
1 Unified Chaos Sta 游戏原声曲目
2 Souten Meine Meinung
3 2012 ft.tigerlily (2014 REWORK) Sta 专辑附加曲目
4 Love sick the liquid movement
5 Crossover the liquid movement
6 ray THB
7 Video Game ('Re'Coding ver.) THB
8 Canopy on the Planet (Dry Pre-master) Sta 游戏原声曲目


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Tone Sphere Original Soundtrack - Luminous Sun

Never get separated in the deep space!

The official full-length soundtrack album for Tone Sphere/Darksphere is here! This album also contains unreleased materials and new tracks from Sta and TS-related artists for your spherical feast.

New tracks include the soothing acoustic Hall of Mirrors cover by Sweez & Meine Meinung, the mysterious Abort/Retry/Faith (1st Demo Version) found lost in Sta's stash and JOKER by Ras which revisits his hit track STAGER.


Tone Sphere/Darksphere 官方游戏原声专辑现已推出!

此次专辑将同时包含一些从未推出的创作曲目以及 Sta 和从 Tone Sphere 中供曲作家将一同给您提供全新而又特别的音乐盛宴

新曲 Hall of Mirrors (Acoustic) 由 Sweez & Meine Meinung 一同创作出,给你带来清新而又舒缓的全新体验,Sta 在他的藏柜中寻回神秘曲目 Abort/Retry/Faith (1st Demo Version),以及 Ras 重游他的曲目 STAGER


Tone Sphere Original Soundtrack - Luminous Sun AlbumArt
Tone Sphere Original Soundtrack - Luminous Sun
发行公司 STRLabel
唱片编号 STRL-0038
发行日期 2017-8-11
专辑价格 JPY 1500 (数字专辑) / JPY 1800 (实体专辑)
曲目数量 20(2 discs / 4p Jacket)
封面设计 Sta
母带处理 Kenta Sato [Meine Meinung]
制作 siratama [sweez]

版权条目引用:© 2017 STRLabel & Bit192 Labs All Rights Reserved.


Tr. 曲目名称 作曲 曲目类型
1 Noiseproof (Intro) Sta 游戏原声曲目
2 Chroma Sta
3 Hello World !! k-shi
4 summerghost(long) paraoka
5 HARD de KONEKO Cranky
6 pineapple spaceship nanobii
8 kioku [unconnected] (2017 Remodel) atmbzk
9 conflict (groundbreaking edit) siromaru + cranky 游戏原声曲目
10 Flugel Cranky
11 Hall of Mirrors paraoka
12 ShadyShady 削除
13 Abrupt Decay cybermiso
14 BEAKER (roop remix) FROL
15 Tiferet xi + Sta
16 Astra walkthrough paraoka
17 bumblebee bazooka nanobii
18 Hall of Mirrors (Acoustic) sweez / Meine Meinung 专辑附加曲目
19 Abort/Retry/Faith (1st Demo Version) Sta
20 JOKER Ras 游戏原声曲目


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Tone Sphere Original Soundtrack - Dark Moon

Loud, Fantastic, Noisy And Emotive Things

The second official full-length soundtrack album for Tone Sphere/Darksphere, with a larger-than-the-sun scale of 29 tracks!

We have included more songs from the original Tone Sphere as well as even more songs from Darksphere, as well as a variety of bonus materials such as fully re-arranged album edition for FLOAT MIND and Imaginary Friends, remixes for Chroma, Noiseproof and A Light and in-game BGMs.

sweez / Meine Meinung also returns with their acoustic reimagination of Imaginary Friends.

All aboard the galactic music travel!


第二张 Tone Sphere/Darksphere 官方原声音乐大碟现已来袭,比上张 Luminous Sun 所收录的曲目还要多 9 首!

这次我们将更多来自 Tone Sphere 的游戏原声曲目带到专辑中,以及各种额外曲目。例如完全重置的版本:FLOAT MIND / Imaginary Friends ,重混曲目有 Chroma / Noiseproof / A Light 以及一些游戏内 BGM 。

当然 sweez / Meine Meinung 他们也带着重制的 Imaginary Friends 回归至我们的视野。



Tone Sphere Original Soundtrack - Dark Moon AlbumArt
Tone Sphere Original Soundtrack - Dark Moon
发行公司 STRLabel
唱片编号 STRL-0040
发行日期 2017-12-29
专辑价格 JPY 1800 (数字专辑) / JPY 2100 (实体专辑)
曲目数量 29 (2 discs / 6p Jacket)
封面设计 Sta
母带处理 Kenta Sato [Meine Meinung]
制作 siratama [sweez]
鸣谢 Bit192 Labs 以及所有 Tone Sphere 玩家

版权条目引用:© 2017 STRLabel & Bit192 Labs All Rights Reserved.


Tr. 曲目名称 作曲 曲目类型
Disc 1
1 From Nowhere Sta 游戏原声曲目
2 Finite (Slipstream mix) Sta
3 Altostratus (Original Mix) syatten
4 Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) syatten
5 Our Eternal September Sta
6 Sweets Holic Yamajet feat.haru*ama*nya
7 FLOAT MIND Takahiro Eguchi feat.lily-an
8 Out of your love (Exhaust mix) RANDO:
9 positive dance "Final RAVE" Cranky
10 ☆ twinklesky ☆ -2011 ULTRA HC STYLE- (2017 update edit) fether remixed by hapinano
11 ☆ A Breeze of Spring Blossoms ☆ (Darksphere Remaster) #ねここ14歳
12 Janus (The End to Begin) sweez / Meine Meinung
13 A Light THB
14 Afterimage (Club Mix) KHTP
15 CFD (ORIGINAL EXTENDED) cybermiso 专辑附加曲目
16 Ultimatecalifragilisticexpialidocious t+pazolite 游戏原声曲目
17 Conway's Child Sta
Disc 2
1 Imaginary Friends (Album mix) Sta 游戏原声曲目
2 FLOAT MIND (2017 MIX) Takahiro Eguchi 专辑附加曲目
3 Chroma (Yamardfloor Remix) Yamajet
4 Noiseproof (cybermiso remix) cybermiso 游戏原声曲目
5 A Light (tigerlily remix) THB 专辑附加曲目
6 Imaginary Friends (Acoustic) sweez / Meine Meinung
7 A Little Process (Instrumental) Sta 游戏原声曲目
8 Oscillations Sta
9 Echoes AA Sta
10 Echoes AB Sta
11 Echoes BA Sta
12 Echoes BB Sta


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Ultra Service

Stay in the Service of the Sphere!

Tone Sphere's third full-blown original soundtrack album, featuring the most recent songs from Sun and Moon, Empyreal Bon Voyage and Six Seconds Later.

International shipping for a physical copy is available at Diverse Direct. CD Album Edition includes several special bonus tracks!

01 KaratoP feat. Naruko - Kakera

02 Se-U-Ra - F-Rozenette

03 Xista (xi + Sta) - Qliphot (2nd Demo Version)

这是Tone Sphere时隔2年半发行的第3张原声大碟,收录了《Sun and Moon》、《Empyreal Bon Voyage》、《Six Seconds Later》等章节最新歌曲.

专辑即将在 Diverse Direct 公开预定发售


01 碎片 / KaratoP feat. Naruko

02 F-Rozenette / Se-U-Ra

03 Qliphot (2nd Demo Version) / Xista (xi + Sta)

Ultra Service AlbumArt


Ultra Service
发行公司 Bit192 Labs
唱片编号 BITL-0004
发行日期 2020/8/1
专辑价格 JPY 1800 (实体专辑)
曲目数量 18+3 (1 disc)
封面设计 Sta
母带处理 -
制作 -

版权条目引用:© 2020 Bit192 Labs All Rights Reserved.


曲目名称 作曲 曲目类型
1 From Nowhere (Six Seconds Later Edition) Sta 游戏原声曲目
2 KOLD AmamoriP feat. A Dokuga
3 2 Minutes Euphoria Sta & Feryquitous
4 Hz zeryoone (Composed by nao")
5 MIDNIGHT Sanaas & you feat. el
6 Aoba ARForest
7 Wonder Circus Soyomogi & 7mai
8 F1055 Silentroom
9 Tides of Time (feat. Ashley N. Woods) iolli
10 Afterdark Sta
11 Q.E. Frums
12 Chrono Joust Sta
13 Haunted Dance Mr. Asyu
14 Qliphot Xista (xi + Sta)
15 Supersymmetry (MV Mix) Sta feat. b 专辑附加曲目
16 Hall of Mirrors (Instrumental Mix) Sta 游戏原声曲目
17 Chroma (Instrumental) Sta 专辑附加曲目
18 2 Minutes Euphoria (1st Demo Version) Sta & Feryqutious
1 Kakera KaratoP feat. Naruko 游戏原声曲目
2 F-Rozenette Se-U-Ra
3 Qliphot (2nd Demo Version) Xista (xi + Sta) 专辑附加曲目


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Full-blown new songs + never-released-before songs + rare live materials The first full solo album by Sta, from 0 till 100.

This is a musical monument for Sta's past activity as a game designer, a video director, an animation artist, and last but not least musician.


全新的新曲 + 之前从未发行的曲子 + 稀有 Lives

从零,到一百。Sta 首张全新独立个人专辑即将发行!

这是 Sta 作为游戏设计、短片导演、动画作家和音乐人的一座音乐纪念碑


Worlds AlbumArt
发行公司 Bit192 Labs
唱片编号 BITL-0003
发行日期 2019/12/31
专辑价格 JPY 2000 (实体专辑)
曲目数量 13 (1 disc)
封面设计 Sta
母带处理 -
制作 -

版权信息引用:(© 2019 Bit192 Labs All Rights Reserved.)

信息录入性质:Sta Kousin 的首张个人专辑,内含四首游戏原声曲目或附加曲目