How to play Tone Sphere in 3 minutes

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How to play Tone Sphere in 3 minutes
编曲 roop loves THB
时长 3:04
BPM 120
收录版本 v1.2.2


How to play Tone Sphere in 3 minutes
Cover Lesson.png
难度 0.5
出现位置 Ep.Press/Start / Ep.Solarsphere
Note数 78
Peak Combo 111


该曲目默认解锁 EASY 难度


原生对话(英文) 翻译对话
It's been a month since we left the planet...

Weirs : Huh?

Trin : ...and we're stuck in this tiny alley.

Weirs:Hey, we aren't exactly stuck. We just stalled out.

Trin : Can you just stop speaking like THAT?

  • Lesson 1: Touch when line and circle overlaps. Follow the rhythm!
  • Lesson 2: Deft timing!
  • Lesson 3: Hold!

Opto sensei : Calculating if I'm the first beagle in the space...

  • Lesson 4: x10

Trin : And where are they guiding us?

  • Lesson 5: Touch red sphere first, then slide your finger to the arrow.

As you get perfects, you'll also get . Get at least ★★✰✰✰ = CLEAR!

Collect stars to unlock hidden levels

Remember that little prince of a star?

Yeah, I wonder if you were like that, but...

...we're reaching for stars in the middle of nowhere.



Trin: ...我们被困在这个地方了。


Trin: 你能别这样说话吗??

  • Lesson 1: 跟着节奏,当 "圈" 和 "线" 重叠时点击它们
  • Lesson 2: 对准判定
  • Lesson 3: 按住不放!

Opto sensei : 规划路线:假定我是第一只进入太空的猎犬......

  • Lesson 4: x10

Trin : 这是要带我们去哪里啊?

  • Lesson 5: 点击红色NOTE,然后根据箭头指向划动

获得PERFECT同时,也会同步积累 . 达成至少 ★★✰✰✰ = 即为通关!






  • 该曲目封面上的小字内容模仿了由法国二人组乐队 Justice 于 2007 年创作的乐曲 “D.A.N.C.E”的部分歌词。小字内容如下:
Do the Tone Sphere, up to 12,345 difficulties
Stick to the BEAT, that's how you clear the levels
You are such a PYT, why bother reading nonsense text like this
Just as easy as ABC, at least to understand how to play
  • 教学中所用的背景音乐与 ray (roop remix) 是一致的,只是音乐长度不一样


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